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Kangin Twitter update | 140831

@Himsenkangin: It’s Kangteuk~~~

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Eunhyuk: “Superjunior snapback!!! I like it!!Thank you so much~”

Eunhyuk: “Superjunior snapback!!! I like it!!Thank you so much~”


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Kyuhyun: “Kyu family’s new cafe ‘Mom House’, located in Myeong-Dong opens today Aug. 30th”

Kyuhyun: “Kyu family’s new cafe ‘Mom House’, located in Myeong-Dong opens today Aug. 30th”


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PRE-ORDERS for MAMACITA have now opened!


Pre-orders are crucial in order to ensure that SM produces enough copies of the album for us to buy. In past comebacks the A version of the album actually became sold out quite quickly, and SM did not produce further copies. Since the A version is the one guaranteed to be counted for year-end awards like MAMA and GDA, we must make sure that everyone who wishes is able to purchase a copy.

All pre-order sales count toward Hanteo & Gaon charts just like any other normal sale. Albums that are pre-ordered are counted once they are shipped.

Online shops selling the physical album opened pre-orders now. Please check out the links below for more information! Shops listed count to Hanteo/Gaon — however Synnara purchases are counted directly and not just through Hanteo, so this is most recommended site to use.

  • Synnara (17,100 KRW) [album]
  • Leesmusic (17,100 KRW) [album]
  • KPopTown (No poster: 16.9USD Folded poster: 18.9USD Unfolded poster: 21.9USD) [album]
  • DVDHeaven (15.52USD no info on poster) [album]
  • YesAsia (Poster: 32.99USD No poster: 25.99USD) [poster - no poster]

Please choose the site that works best for you. Prices may change based on shipping costs.

Note: Any I-ELF wants to preorder from Synnara on your own, email to synexport[at]synnara[dot]com in English. They will reply in English too. Put your order details, full name, phone number, and complete address. They accept Paypal and use EMS or Fedex.

I personally think DVDHeaven is the easiest site to navigate while also being the cheapest option. Either way, pick a site and purchase an album (or two, or three~) to support Super Junior. This is their first comeback in over two years. We don’t know when they will comeback again so please support! This comeback is really important since several members are enlisting soon in the next few months and it is also important to Super Junior’s future as a group so PLEASE SUPPORT! 💙💙💙
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Chiu: “He is sooooooo cute #SJMHenry #Korea #SuperJunior #Fantastic #HenryLau #SuperJuniorM #Kpop”

She Bang: “Yeah!!!!Thank you Super Junior M’s for accept in our interview! So nervous! I have been nervous for half a month for this interview…hope everyone will listen on time tomorrow! 😊”


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Donghae: “Yo with My sister Amber !”

Amber: “Original Donghae and Mini Donghae COMEBACK! MAMACITA!! @leedonghae”


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Siwon: “BOYS @kanginnim @leedonghae @eunhyukee44”

Kangin: “we are masi kangking fish anchovy these guys are coming back”

Donghae: “SJ Coming !! SW , K , DH , EH”


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